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Premium Cream Leather Bench: Ultimate Comfort and Style

Original price was: RM1,590.Current price is: RM1,090.

The Comfortable Leather Bench in Cream Color is a stylish and cozy seating option. Made from high-quality leather, it offers exceptional comfort and durability. Its cream color adds a touch of elegance to any space. The bench’s key features include a comfortable cushioned seat, sturdy wooden legs, and a sleek design. It provides ample seating space and can be easily incorporated into various decor styles. Its unique selling points are its premium leather material, superior comfort, and versatile design.

Stylish Satin Blue Leather Wing Chair: Enhance Your Space with Comfort and Elegance

Original price was: RM1,050.Current price is: RM750.

The Leather Wing Chair in Satin Blue Color is a luxurious and stylish seating option. Its key features include a high-quality leather upholstery, a classic wingback design, and a beautiful satin blue color. The chair offers exceptional comfort and support with its padded seat and backrest. Its unique selling points are its elegant and timeless appearance, durable construction, and the ability to enhance any living space with a touch of sophistication.