FAQs for Retail Customers

  1. How do I confirm my furniture order before shipping?
    We conduct a video call to show you the actual product, ensuring it meets your expectations before dispatch.
  2. Can I visit the showroom before purchasing?
    Yes, our showroom in KL is open for you to experience our furniture firsthand, and you can either take your purchase home or arrange for delivery.
  3. What if I notice a defect upon delivery?
    While our pre-shipment verification aims to prevent this, if you find any issue upon delivery, please contact us immediately for resolution.
  4. How is the furniture packaged for safety during transit?
    Our products are securely packaged to prevent damage, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
  5. Is there a different return policy for online purchases?
    Online purchases are subject to our standard return policy, which is detailed on our website. We encourage customers to utilize our pre-shipment verification to ensure satisfaction.

FAQs for Wholesale Customers

  1. How can I become a wholesale partner with Cassa Imperia?
    Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. We offer tailored services for our B2B clients.
  2. What are the benefits of a long-term B2B partnership?
    Our long-term partners enjoy dedicated support, competitive pricing, priority in manufacturing, and access to exclusive product lines.
  3. Do you offer customization for bulk orders?
    Yes, we can customize products to meet the specific needs of your business or project.
  4. How do you ensure consistent quality for large orders?
    We maintain high-quality standards through rigorous quality control processes, regardless of order size.
  5. What is the lead time for bulk orders?
    The lead time varies based on the order size and customization. We work closely with our partners to meet their timelines efficiently.

FAQs for Exports / International Orders

  1. What countries do you ship to?
    We ship globally. Please contact us with your location for a tailored shipping solution.
  2. Can I track my international order?
    Yes, once your order is shipped, we will provide tracking information for your convenience.
  3. Are there additional charges for international shipping?
    Shipping costs vary based on destination and order size. We provide a detailed quote upon request.
  4. How do you ensure the quality of products for international orders?
    Our quality assurance process is stringent, and we ensure that every product meets our high standards before shipping internationally.
  5. What support do you offer for international clients?
    Our team is available to assist with any queries, provide product information, and help with order placement and tracking.